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Small Fortune

  • Developed by The Garden in 2021

1 act
85 minutes

Rob Vantage has decided to pay reparations to the descendants of the enslaved people who built his family's wealth two centuries ago. But his own descendants aren't happy about it, and his motivation might not be as pure as he wants us to believe. How far will people go when the family fortune is at stake?

ROB VANTAGE, 56, White, male, husband, father, son of privilege, English teacher determined to make a lasting impact on the world.

CLAIRE VANTAGE, 57, White, female, wife, mother, Real Estate agent determined to maintain her status in the world.

JORDAN VANTAGE, 26, White, male, son, brother, bartender looking to find his place and make his mark on the world.

ALLIE VANTAGE, 21, White, female, daughter, sister, anxious college student learning about the world.

MIKAELA MURRAY, 25, Black, female, Jordan’s girlfriend, trying to determine if she wants to continue their relationship and enter his world.

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