2 acts
120 minutes
The Baltimore Messenger wrote, "Espey adroitly works out the who-knows and who-doesn't-know aspects of this literary hoax...the play's knowing references to both ancient and modern theater help keep it grounded."

‚ÄčTheatre Athena is bankrupt, but if Amy can write a new play to get a grant, they may survive. All she has to do is convince her boyfriend it’s written by an Ancient Greek man, satisfy a young diva, satisfy an aging diva, bring her friend’s boyfriend out of the closet and resurrect their recently deceased professor.


AMY, 30, F, co-founder and co-artistic director of Theatre Athena

TED, 30, M, a co-founder of the theater and Amy’s boyfriend

PETER, 30, M, a co-founder of the theater.

CAROL ANN, 40’s, F, a frequent cast member

RICK, 20’s, M, a frequent cast member

CLARISSA, 20’s, F, an auditioner

LASZLO, 40’s, a foundation executive

LATTIMORE, 70, M, a Classics professor

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