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Following Sarah

1 act
95 minutes

Winner of the Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play at the 2012 Baltimore Playwrights Festival

Espey's ... scenes are nothing short of creative genius, often delving into the subconscious emotions of the characters through imaginative instances; conversations shared with ghostly apparitions or anthropomorphism of a single running shoe. His work is detailed and captivating, drawing the audience into the stories of these girls' lives."
--DC Metro Theater Arts

Maddy, Kat and Julia are high-achieveing, super-stressed seniors on the Cross Country team at Thwaite Academy. An email from their former teammate Sarah threatens to push them over the edge. Why? Because Sarah died after winning last year’s Cross Country Championship.

  • Sarah, 18

  • Kat, 18

  • Maddy, 18

  • Julia, 18

  • Kenya, 17

  • Coach Wagner/Eyewitness/Male Birth Parent/High Performance Shoe/Moth Larva/Mr. Wagner, 40's

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