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Taking the


10 minutes

Taking The Plunge was produced in April 2016 by Long Island Theatre Collective

TREVOR 2017 and TREVOR 1987 are two incarnations of the same soul at different times. TREVOR 2017 wants to propose to his boyfriend and build a life with him; TREVOR 1987 is at the end of his rope and wants to end his life. TREVOR 2017 needs TREVOR 1987 to get out of his way in order to fulfill his dream. TREVOR 1987 needs to sacrifice himself in order to make TREVOR 2017’s dream possible.


  • TREVOR 1987, 25, a young man living in Brooklyn in 1987

  • TREVOR 2017, 25, the same young man living in Brooklyn in 2017

  • DEACONESS, 30, an angel, a sister, a mother, a preacher

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