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The Revelation

of Bobby Pritchard

1 act
85 minutes

“It is rare that I, as a reviewer, see a show I'd like to see again. BOBBY PRITCHARD is such a rarity”

-Cybele Pomeroy for Broadway World

Driven by dreams of the late Bobby Pritchard, Marta returns to her home town of Boiling Springs after forty years away to disclose the truth about Bobby’s death and to marry her partner Cynthia in the conservative church in which she grew up. Marta’s journey back home and the secrets she reveals trigger a flood of memories which mingle and merge as her life flashes before us. Traditional values clash with non-traditional relationships in both funny and frightening ways as a family finds a way to move forward into a brighter present.

photos: Zach Handler

  • Marta, 50's

  • Cyn, 50's

  • Hank, 43

  • Poss, 18

  • Mary Charles, 18

  • Kathy, 40's

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