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Zoo Story 2.0

10 minutes

Zoo Story 2.0 has been produced at numerous LGBT Play Festivals, most often as the culmination to an evening of short plays. The photos are from That Uppity Theatre Co.'s 2013 production in St. Louis and Fell's Point Theatre Company's 2013 production in Baltimore.

Bob and Buttercup are two penguins in love at the Central Park Zoo. When they decide to raise an abandoned chick, humans interfere and do their very best to mess things up.


  • Bob, a male penguin

  • Buttercup, a male penguin

  • Zoogoers 1, 2 and 3, female

  • Reporter

  • Zoo Psychiatrist

  • Carmen, a female penguin

  • Kate, a female penguin

  • Pookie, a female penguin

With doubling, as few as 6 can play all roles.

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