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2 acts
110 minutes

Winner of the Carol Weinberg Award for Best Play at the 2003 Baltimore Playwrights Festival

Scott Wheeler has everything - a good wife, a good dog, a good house (sort of), a good job as the Headmaster of the oldest continuously operating boarding school southwest of the Connecticut River and a portrait of the school's founder who talks to him. An unexpected visitor from his past forces Scott to come to terms with his present and future.


Baltimore City Paper wrote, “Fifty-Fifty is an unabashed comedy that jumps out of the gate with crisp authority and is propelled though its dramatic turns by clever wordplay and zingy one-liners. Espey believes in his pen, and what it has turned out is a sparkling traipse through the prickly politics of bisexuality.” Read the full review.

The Baltimore Sun wrote, “Rich Espey's Fifty-Fifty examines hypocrisy, sexual orientation and appearances vs. reality. And, it tackles these weighty themes with wit and humor... In addition to swift plotting and character development, the playwright also displays a knack for clever turns of phrase [and] unfurls his plot complications with the sure hand of a farceur.”

  • Scott, 30's

  • Rebecca, 30

  • David, 20's - 30's

  • Nick, 30's

  • Jenna, 40's - 50's

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